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Opera World

March 31, 2016
López Cobos: “El director es un filósofo, pues busca la belleza” Opera World entrevista al director de orquesta español Jesús López Cobos en Seattle, que se encuentra de gira por los Estados Unidos. Hablamos del sentido de la música y de la importancia de vivir la música en directo, en los auditorios, en un acto de comunicación entre el intérprete y el público. El futuro de la música está asegurado en España, con una nueva generación de jóvenes directores, tal y como nos cuenta. Tienen que hacer frente a una competencia enorme ahora que cada vez hay menos orquestas. Hablamos también de ópera y de la influencia de sus estudios de Filosofía en su forma de entender la música.
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Music Web International

Spring 2000
Jesus Lopez-Cobos talks about Respighi
Interviewer: Ian Lace

Telarc have recently released a fourth album of works by Respighi conducted by Jesus Lopez-Cobos (reviewed on page 3). This new CD includes Metamorphoseon which has, until now, only been recorded once. The other two items are the more familiar Fountains of Rome and Pines of Rome. Ian Lace began his interview by asking Maestro Lopez-Cobos how he had first come to discover the music of Respighi and how he rated him as a composer?

J.L-C.: I discovered him in the 1960s in Italy. I was studying there in the summer while I was a student in Vienna. Madame [Elsa] Respighi came and spoke about her husband and that was the first time I encountered his works. I always felt from my first discovery of his music that he was a first-rate composer.

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Bruce Duffie

August 1, 1997
The seasons come and the seasons go, and each one brings different items on each personal agenda. Particular seasons necessitate differing ways of dealing with the chaos that is our life. Naturally, some lives are more routine than others, and those who have endless regularity long for excitement while those who are constantly on the move seem to crave a quiet repose for even a few days. Professional musicians on the international circuit must cope with both variety and monotony, and the successful ones thrive on the balance and contrast that each season brings.

Conductor Jesús López-Cobos has managed to keep a high public profile while maintaining a few directorships which allow for long-term residencies. His balance of symphony and opera is partly the result of seasonal availability, and his recordings reflect some of his tastes and passions. Details can be found in the box at the end of this interview.

Early in his career, his travels brought him to Chicago, and later he returned for brief visits. In the summer of 1997, he conducted a program at Grant Park, the summer home of an orchestra made up mostly of the musicians who play in the pit for Lyric Opera of Chicago. His schedule was quick, but he welcomed me for a visit between rehearsals.

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